Awful Classics: Purnell's "Old Folks" Sausage commercial

Written by David Rogers on .

Low budget commercials are incredible. Each one is instantly recognizable the moment it comes on your TV. Not because of brand awareness or brand recognition, but because of the horrible audio quality, bad acting and even worse editing. 

This commercial for Purnell's "Old Folks" sausage is the perfect example of what makes low budget ads the best ... and the worst. 

We'll skip right past the whole "is the sausage really made from Old Folks?" joke and straight to the commercial itself. The "outstanding in its field" gimmick is actually pretty admirable, but then we're forced to watch a guy teach us how to cook frozen sausage patties. Riveting and informative stuff, Mr. Purnell. 

The last 10 seconds are everything a low budget ad should be. A language we think is English (still not sure), a cute kid thrown in for absolutely no reason and an abrupt, awkward ending. 

Never change, low budget ads. 

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