Kellogg's UK appears to hold hungry kids hostage

Written by David Rogers on .

Kellogg's UK probably had some pretty genuine intentions when they created a social media campaign which would donate food to a needy child each time their post was Retweeted. Unfortunately, the idea which might have seemed positive on paper came off as greedy and insensitive. 

The company pledged to donate one meal for every Retweet they received on the post you see in the image above. These types of campaigns are risky as they tie a generous act / donation to self-promotion. Kellogg's looks as if they're being withholding by tying their donation to Retweets. 

Considering we've seen similar campaigns in the past, what makes this one different? The "Retweet for an action" strategy works well when it comes to a company donating a specific amount of money for each Retweet. When it comes to items, specifically food for starving kids, the whole thing feels...funny. 

Kellogg's UK apologized for their Tweet and clarified the promotion. 

(H/T Adweek)


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