Pitbull is ready to annoy you in a new Fiat commercial

Written by David Rogers on .

If you follow us on Twitter, you're probably pretty familiar with our views on Pitbull. With that in mind, you can probably guess what our thoughts were when we saw this new ad from Fiat. 

Let's set the scene. The ad comes on depicting a slow, lazy day on the beach. Suddenly, the peace and tranquility is ruined when a fleet of Fiat 500s emerge from the water and park on the beach, their "Beats by Dre" speakers blaring Pitbull and Arianna's song "Sexy People". Pitbull, our villain, leads a dance party on the beach as the narrator states that the next wave of Italians has come to America.

Where to begin. Well, we probably could just summarize this with a big "Pitbull is in it" and be on our way, but we'll try to be a bit more specific as to why this ad is awful. 

Why is the guy wearing a tuxedo on the beach? Everyone else got the memo about what to wear to the beach, why not Pitbull? The man is more casual when he's hosting an elaborate party in the club

Italian cars coming to America. Would have made a lot more sense to have a recognizable Italian face emerge from a car instead of Pitbull, a guy born in Miami, wouldn't it? Finally, the spot ends with a Fiat skipping across the ocean. Why not.

Yeah, we probably should have just said "Pitbull is in it" and let you carry on with your day.


Stupidest commercial I have ever seen! Pitbull representing Italy.... why? He is an annoying wannabe player with no swag dirt bag haha

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