Canadian realtor has the most purrrr-fectly strange ad

Written by David Rogers on .

Realtors have a difficult time breaking through the clutter. There's only so many ways you can advertise that your area of expertise is buying and selling properties. In the case of Roger Winsor, a Canadian realtor that specializes in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, he decided to go a different route entirely. 

The ad above is hilarious for several reasons. There's the incredible photo that looks like a case of bad Photoshop. There's the cheesy "purrrr-fect home" quote that's enhanced by the fact he specializes in selling properties in Labrador, which is not only a part of a province but also the name of a popular dog breed. Maybe we're reading too far into things, but the fact he went cat instead of dog screams of perfect irony...or insanity. 

At the very least this sticks out. It might be weird, but it caught the eye of Colin B. who sent us this ad through Twitter. When you compare it to the Remax ad to the right, Mr. Windsor has certainly carved out a unique niche in the world of realty. 


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