Pizza Hut is marketing their pizza perfume

Written by David Rogers on .

The smell of a fresh pizza is a delightful one. As soon as the aroma hits your nose you instantly crave a piece, whether you're hungry or not. Pizza Hut has decided to take that concept to a new, and frankly strange level. 

Meet Eau de Pizza Hut, a scene / perfume created by Pizza Hut that supposedly smells like - you guessed it - pizza. It's important to note that this is quite real despite it sounding like some sort of bizarre April Fool's joke. 

The ad above was specifically made for potential Pizza Hut customers in Australia, but don't be surprised if similar marketing and branding makes it way to the United States now that the scent is available. The ad claims that the perfume smells just like freshly cooked dough, but we may have to smell it ourselves before we believe it. 

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