Oreo continues to find social media success

Written by David Rogers on .

Oreo is on quite the roll. Their ad at the Super Bowl was met with mixed reactions but most people would agree that Oreo's comments during the power outage were brilliant. Was the success due to some creative and brilliant minds over at Oreo, or were they just lucky by being in the right place at the right time? 

During the Grammys, Oreo answered our question with a brilliant photo honoring Justin Timberlake. Together, the caption (Bringing tasty back) and the photo (a cookie with a bow tie) combined to make an intelligent piece of viral marketing. 

Oreo is making the absolute most of its presence in social media. Not only are they churning out pieces that by themselves create plenty of buzz, but they're reacting timely to major media events. The company is achieving a fresh, humorous image for themselves all without spending a time. Take note, other companies - this is how it's done. 

(H/T Media Bistro)

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