The marketing for Call of Duty: Ghosts has officially started

Written by David Rogers on .

Brace yourself - the marketing campaign for the newest installment of the Call of Duty series has officially started. The new title, simply labeled Call of Duty: Ghosts, isn't scheduled to be released until November. Despite that date sitting roughly six months away, the marketing machine fueled by Activision and Infinity Ward is already up and running.

The video above is classified as a teaser trailer. So far it has only appeared online, but it's a safe bet that you might see similar version on TV in the near future. It hints that the game will follow the Ghosts, a military unit that is probably pretty similar to any special operations unit. That's it. That's all of the information you can derive from this minute and a half video. 

Obviously, the folks over at Infinity Ward and Activision don't want to give too much away. The secrecy only builds anticipation and typically it leads to some seriously ridiculous sales numbers. Still, we have to question the most obvious problem here and that's with the concept and game itself. 

If you're familiar with the Call of Duty series, you'll know that the 2011 Black Ops: 2 title focused on special operations and secrecy. So too did the original Black Ops in 2010. granted we haven't been shown much in the very limited marketing messages that have been released, but fears are growing that this might just be more of the same. Honestly, how many times can you focus on the idea of special operations and secrecy before it feels worn out?

Stay tuned. Odds are you'll hear a whole lot more about Call of Duty: Ghosts in ads in the very near future. 

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