Google Chrome partners with Family Guy

Written by David Rogers on .

In an unexpected partnership, Google Chrome has teamed up with Family Guy in a new commercial which shows that while Chrome can't prevent you from being interrupted, it can help you pick up where you left off by displaying your content across Google's devices. 

Google chose a rather memorable scene from Family Guy where Stewie tries repeatedly to get Lois' attention. The clip does a fine job showing just how annoying it can be when you're interrupted, but thanks to Google Chrome, you won't have an issue resuming whatever it was that you were doing once the annoying distraction is taken care of. 

Family Guy is one of those shows where you either love it or hate it. There's rarely any ground in the middle. Chrome is following the lead set by Wheat Thins, hoping the segment that loves Family Guy represents a chunk of their target market and outweighs the group that hates it. 

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