Cincinnati attorney knocks out Flo from Progressive

Written by David Rogers on .

Recently we discussed the latest ad from Progressive where the company shouts "Let's Get Ready to Bundle" through your TV's speakers. One Cincinnati attorney took this message to heart and created a parody where he  challenges Flo in the boxing ring. 

Blake Maislin, a personal injury attorney, challenged Flo in the ring, demonstrating how he'll fight for you against your insurance company. The commercial features an actress that actually looks quite a bit like Flo, complete with her outfit and hairstyle. Obviously, Maislin couldn't use the word Progressive in his spot, but his rendition of Flo is pretty spot on. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if Progressive takes exception once they see this as there's really no doubting who the ad is portraying. As if him punching out Flo wasn't enough, the commercial ends with Maislin punching a familiar gecko from GEICO. 

We like this ad for a couple key reasons. First, it's timely. It plays off of Progressive's own commercial and uses it against them. Could this see legal action? Maybe, but we assume Maislin knew the risks considering he's an attorney. Second, it's effective. Maislin's job is to fight insurance companies for you. What better way to show that than by having him literally fight insurance companies? Finally, he punches Flo in the face, fulfilling a dream of television viewers across the country.

A big "thank you" to Andrew Y. for sending us this clip. 

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