A Nike Golf trick shot ad without Tiger Woods?

Written by Matt Yoder on .

Nike Golf came out with a new trick shot ad this week featuring Rory McIlroy and other professional golfers.  The ad focuses on the RZN golf ball with McIlroy and his friends doing trick shots and kicking it around like a soccer ball.  

If you're thinking you've seen something similar to this before, you have!  Tiger Woods starred in one of Nike's most famous commercials doing various tricks with a golf club and ball.  You can compare the two with Tiger's below, there's something strangely addicting about the theme too...

After watching both of the ads, I'm going to have to give the edge to Tiger Woods and the original.  While it's nice for Nike to golfers like Paul Casey, Nick Watney and others who don't usually get commercial airtime, it's just not the same.  The trick shot commercial is Tiger's most famous ad - how can it be replicated?  (A better trick for Nike might be to have Rory McIlroy win a tournament with their equipment.)

It'd be like trying to remake the famous Larry Bird-Michael Jordan McDonald's commercial with somebody else.  Wait... they did that too?!?  Is nothing sacred anymore!

H/T Gamedayr

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