The Walking Dead and KFC prove timing is everything

Written by David Rogers on .

Episodes of The Walking Dead are typically loaded with blood, guts and gore. Sounds like the perfect time to market KFC, right? The video below, as first seen on BuzzFeed, shows how some clever timing turned a rather basic sponsorship into a brilliant one.

As the article over at BuzzFeed mentions, it's unclear whether or not the KFC ad placement was intentional but it's safe to say it works in KFC's favor. Placed after any typical scene and you've got a boring sponsorship. Placed after a zombie feast and you've got yourself money well spent. KFC does look pretty fresh compared to that dude's intestines.

The timing is just a little bit too perfect for this to be just a happy coincidence. If it was a stroke of luck then we are forced to label this one of the best coincidences in advertising. However, if it was truly orchestrated then we must tip our cap to all involved. We love clever marketing.

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