A show called "Amish Mafia" is coming to Discovery

Written by David Rogers on .

Trends in television programming are fascinating. When one channel sees big numbers, other channels scramble and offer their own take on the given topic. We've seen auction shows, gold hunting shows, redneck shows and most recently a wave of programming focusing on the Amish. Yes, the Amish are one of the hottest topics on television. Discovery Channel was eager to get in on the action, as seen in the commercial below for the very real show "Amish Mafia". 

Looks like something straight out of Saturday Night Live, doesn't it? "Amish Mafia" is the latest in a string of shows covering the lifestyle. Other networks have focused on the typical Amish life and what it's like for an Amish person to abandon their old ways. Now Discovery brings us inside the "Amish Mafia", a group that in the commercial looks like a version of the Goodfellas. It's believed that the "Amish Mafia" as it's called on the show is actually the "Amish Aid", a group that does indeed look out and help their own but they aren't crime bosses as the commercial depicts. Our guess is that the minds at Discovery thought the term mafia would attract more viewers. 

Give it time, folks. The Amish craze will die out soon enough and we'll be on to the next trend. 

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