SpaghettiOs Tweets about Pearl Harbor and it doesn't go well

Written by David Rogers on .

SpaghettiOs tried a bit of real-time marketing on December 6th in honor of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor on December 7th. The brand Tweeted out a message of remembrance with a photo of a SpaghettiO holding an American flag. On paper, this probably sounded like a good idea. In practice, this was an epic failure. 

Real-time marketing is risky. The goal is to make your brand sound relevant, but it's dangerous due to the fact you never want to make it appear like you're trying to cash in on a serious moment or a tragedy. Nothing quite says Pearl Harbor like SpaghettiOs. 

How did people react when they saw this message from SpaghettiOs? Not well. 

Finally, the Tweet which might summarize this whole thing the best:

Thanks to Mike Miller for sending this our way!


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